Monday, April 8, 2013

busy thoughts of a blind mouse

day 3 post-op,
continuing my routine: sleep, eat, eye-drops and lotsa pain-killers.
day 4 coming soon,
these are the few most empty days i ever have since working,
nobody will cruel enough to ask a poor half-blinded girl to do anything more than eating her own food.

nonetheless, an empty mind can be a busy mind
so do mine.

my juniors are having their pro-exam very soon,
all the best peps!
don't lose hope, don't give up,
you can make it,
no matter how little your preparation are,
how weak you are in that particular posting,
just do it,
don't think too much of what if.
remember how scared we are now,
remember how idiot or ridiculous our answers are,
remember how hard we pray and beg for a pass,
remember how we swear we will be if we got the title,
remember how humble we are at this moment,
and one day when you feel sucks totally about your work,
think about this moment again.
can't wait to see u all in the hell call hospital=)

i'm homesick, deeply.
i miss penang, food, peoples, my CM, who is going for election soon,
i miss mummy serving me nice plain porridge whenever i'm sick
i miss cuddling with my sis, gossiping about her friends and my mom
i miss home~

life is good here,
so far so good,
i have finished paeds,
currently, a newbie in o&g.
as usual, as drama as she can be.
exciting and full of adrenaline.
afterall, the pleasure is always the first loud cry u can hear from the LR
that's the relief
and the next mission is to counsel them for contraception, strictly, haha

i actually took a longer time to write this out,
mum said: don't use your eyes so much, just rest
ya, so i type this out with my eyes closed, not bad right?
not much typo pun.


  1. thanksssssss shapo need alot alot of luck le sighsss. lol
    anyway, take care for ur eyes la. let them rest more hehe XD

    1. shapo ielane, tones of luck there o!!! good luck good luck! study hard and pray hard as well=) will see u as DR Shapo very soon^^